Created in 2017 by Marc Oosterhoff, CIE MOOST is a company which explores dance and transdisciplinary performing arts.


» Our projects: Take Care of Yourself Promises of UncertaintyPalette(s)Lab Rats  «


The Moost Cie’s work is often supported by:
Pro Helvetia, Corodis, City of Yverdon-les-Bains, Canton of Vaud, RESO – Swiss Dance Network, les Printemps de Sévelin.
Moost has received punctual but essential support from the SSA, the SIS, and the foundations Ernst Göhner, Stanley Thomas Johnsons, Famille Sandoz and Engelberts.

pictures by : Alex Brenner, Julien Mudry, Mat Santa-Cruz, Grégory Batardon, Vincent Heiniger, Gregoire Chollet, Yuri Pires Tavares