Take Care Of Yourself


Halfway between circus, performance and contemporary dance, Marc Oosterhoff confronts danger in a solo based on risk. A voluntary submission to danger as a way of feeling alive in the depths of his flesh. A play to extract oneself from the gloomy safety norms that mark and sanitize our daily lives. Here the artist dictates his own rules and sows his own traps: a bottle of whisky, twelve shot glasses, knives, paper balls, a basket and rat traps.The audience hesitates between hi- larity and fear without taking their eyes off the dancer. Looking at him through their fin- gers, all support him, despite the danger, with all their benevolence.

30 minutes, without words



Festival Momix 2020 (France):


BE Festival 2018 (UK):

Best of Be Spanish Tour Best of Be UK Tour

Tanzfactor 2018 (Switzerland):

Selected for the Tanzfactor 2018 tour, or- ganized by RESO-Réseau de Danse Suisse




video by: Mat Santa Cruz

«We live in a world in which the security of the individual is dictated to us in a direct and authoritarian way: no swimming, no climbing, no closing of doors,area under video surveillance….

Certain behaviours have been categorized as «risky» and unproductive to society, and are therefore prohibited.The individual’s ability to discern is dismissed, there is no trust in his or her ability to know what is or is not suitable for his or her abilities.

With Take Care ofYourself,I wanted to question this limit of personal risk-taking, by presenting perilous actions that a man undertakes of his own accord. I also wanted to create a piece in which the audience feels included. He and I together in the same game. Games inspired by popular games – such as drinking games – where tension is created by the fact that the result of the action is unknown to everyone.

Neither the audience nor I know what happens next. Se- veral devices follow one another throughout the piece, each one allowing the audience to project a result, to imagine an outcome, posi- tive or not, thus keeping it in continuous ten- sion.»

Marc Oosterhoff

Alex Brenner

Witten and performed by

Marc Oosterhoff

Outside eyes

Lionel Baier Eugénie Rebetez, Latifeh Hadji

Light design

Marc Oosterhoff


Leo Garcia Filipe Pascoal

Tour Manager

Lise Leclerc,Tutu Production


Mariana Nunes


Maryke Oosterhoff

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