Natures Mortes

In this Midi-théâtre co-production, the Cie Moost brings together three artists and a dog: Camille Denkinger, Latifeh Hadji, Marc Oosterhoff and Koutshik.

Natures Mortes is a one-hour show combining theatre, circus and approximate dog training in an atmosphere of a failed village hall party.

As the show is designed to take place around midday – a time when people usually eat – it’s only natural that a simple meal should be served to the audience seated at tables arranged around the stage area.

However, if the team at the host theatre is not in the mood to cook, it is also possible for the play to take place in total fasting.

You won’t be attending Natures Mortes on the stage of a theatre, but rather in its foyer – or perhaps in a room kindly made available by your local parish. You can bring your children, your grandparents, your neighbour, your aunt, your cousin, your garage mechanic, your lover or your lawyer – it’s usually OK.

This play is a Midi-Théâtre co-production, supported by the Marcel Regamey Foundation.

Natures Mortes is a late-night show that you can watch at midday.

Natures Mortes is a trio, but in fact it’s more like 3 people alone in the same room.

Natures Mortes is a Christmas playlist listened to in January in a retirement home.

Natures Mortes is an unfinished party or one that never really started.

Natures Mortes is karaoke that nobody watches, a full glass from the night before still on the table.

Natures Mortes is a dart shoot with no defined target, lots of pastel balloons and a pellet rifle.

Natures Mortes is about flimsy tables, peanuts falling on the floor, cheap plastic wigs and a well-behaved dog in a bow tie.

Natures Mortes is the circus of the living room, a few hiccups, neurasthenic theatre, and yet more words that nobody understands.

Spectacle créé et interprété par

Camille Denkinger, Latifeh Hadji et Marc Oosterhoff

Administration et production

Mariana Nunes

Diffusion et logistique de tournée

Isabelle Campiche


Cie Moost




Fondations Marcel Regamey, Famille Sandoz et SIS (création)

Pro Helvetia (aide à la tournée)

Corodis (reprise)