CIE MOOST has choreographed and staged the following shows:

Take Care Of Yourself

Witten and performed by Marc Oosterhoff, 2016, Lausanne, Sevelin36

A solo performance based on risk. A challenge against oneself, transmitted to the audience in a simple, frontal and generous way. A voluntary submission to danger as a way of feeling alive.

@Alex Brenner

Promises of Uncertainty

Witten and performed by Marc Oosterhoff, with Marc Oosterhoff, Raphael Raccuia, Joana Oliveira/Filipe Pascoal, premiere in april 2019, Genève, L’Abri

A naive explorer of a world with strange rules, he seeks balance: submission to chance or writing his own prophecy? Between innocent games and trial by fire, who knows what the threads of his destiny have woven for him.

@Juilen Mudry


Witten and performed by Cédric Gagneur et Marc Oosterhoff, 2017, Lausanne, La Manufacture

Pallet(s) is one piece for 2 performers, 20 pallets and 1 water bottle. Through physical constraints, balance games, construction and handling of pallets.

@Julien Mudry

Lab Rats

Written and performed by Marc Oosterhoff and Owen Winship

Lab Rats is a story about the endless adjustments that a meeting between two people requires. It is an attempt to explore the fragility of relationships and the obligation to cooperate in order to escape loneliness.

©Julien Mudry

Natures Mortes

Witten and performed by Camille Denkinger, Latifeh Hadji, Marc Oosterhoff

Natures Mortes (Still Life) is a karaoke that nobody’s watching, soggy chips and untouched drinks from yesterday’s party.

Natures Mortes is a trio, but in fact it’s more like three individuals and a dog in the same room.

©Eden Levi

Preparation for a Miracle (2023)

Written and performed by Marc Oosterhoff

Preparation for a miracle is a solo between theatre, dance, magic, acrobatics and music staging the improbable and initiatory quest of an Ulysses-despite-himself constantly subjected to a new ordeal challenging his senses, his strength and his lucidity.

©Camille Denkinger, Léo Piccirelli