Created in 2017 under the initiative of Marc Oosterhoff, Cie Moost explores the performing arts by mixing dance, theatre and circus while seeking a language that is both singular and non-elitist. To date, it has created and produced several shows. The smooth running of the company is made possible by the joint work of Marc Oosterhoff, Valérie Niederoest in administration, Isabelle Campiche in distribution and Leo Garcia as technical director. From the beginning, the company’s artistic work has benefited from the enlightened and pertinent eye of Latifeh Hadji.
The company mainly tours its shows in Switzerland and France, but has also visited other countries such as Spain, the UK, Italy and Lebanon. Touring is an important part of Cie Moost’s work, and the company puts on numerous performances throughout the season.



The company has choreographed and directed the following projects:

Take Care Of Yourself 2016, witten and performed by Marc Oosterhoff, Lausanne, Sevelin36.

Promises of Uncertainty 2019, witten by Marc Oosterhoff, with Marc Oosterhoff, Raphael Raccuia, Joana Oliveira, Genève, L’Abri.

Palette(s) 2017, witten and performed by Cédric Gagneur and Marc Oosterhoff, Lausanne, La Manufacture.

Lab Rats (craation) 2021 witten and performed by Marc Oosterhoff and Owen Winship, original music by Olivia Pedroli and Maxime Steiner, lights by Joana Oliveira, Lausanne, Théâtre Sévelin36.

Natures Mortes 2022 witten and performed by Camille Denkinger, Latifeh Hadji, Marc Oosterhoff.

À l’échelle 2022 witten and performed by Aude Catin, Camille Denkinger, Eve Bigel, Latifeh Hadji, Marc Oosterhoff, Timothé Vincent, Tristan Nielsen et Owen Winship. Lausanne, Plateforme 10.

Marc Oosterhoff

Artistic director et performer for  CIE MOOST

Marc Oosterhoff studied at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio and then at La Manufacture – Haute école des arts de la scène, Lausanne.

In 2016, he presented his first solo, Take Care of Yourself, at the Quarts d’heure de Sévelin. This show is part of the Sélection Suisse en Avignon en 2021. In 2017, he founded Cie Moost, of which he is artistic director, and choreographed Palette(s) with dancer Cédric Gagneur.

In 2019, he created Les Promesses de l’incertitude with musician Raphaël Raccuia. This was followed by Lab Rats (2021), a duet with circus artist Owen Winship, and Natures Mortes (2022) with Camille Denkinger and Latifeh Hadji.

In 2021, Marc was awarded the Prix de la relève by the Fondation Vaudoise pour la Culture. In 2022, he created À l’Échelle for the inauguration of Plateforme 10 in Lausanne, with a group of acrobats.

In 2023, his new creation Preparing for miracle mixed circus, dance, theatre and new magic. That same year, the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation awarded him the June Johnson Newcomer Prize.


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