Michelle Ettlin & Mona De Weerdt Choreographers at Work!

The documentary series Choreographers at Work! is dedicated to creation processes and working practices in contemporary dance.

#1: Cie Moost / Marc Oosterhoff

The first portrait in the documentary series Choreographers at Work! focuses on the choreographer Marc Oosterhoff and gives an insight into the creative process of his latest work, Lab Rats (2021). In the past Oosterhoff has mainly created solo pieces but Lab Rats was developed in close collaboration with the acrobat and dancer Owen Winship. The camera follows them as they explore and develop a common (movement) vocabulary, negotiate their relationships on stage and try out different acrobatic tasks. The film captures the creation of this piece through its intimate, intense and humorous moments.

Duration: 24 minutes

Concept: Mona De Weerdt, Michelle Ettlin
Camera, editing, post-production: Michelle Ettlin
Dramaturgy: Mona De Weerdt, Michelle Ettlin
Translation: Anna Johannsen
Subtitles: Anna Johannsen, Michelle Ettlin
Production: echolot films / mdw Kulturproduktionen
Co-production: Cie Moost
Distribution: Tutu Production
Special thanks to Jessica Huber, Cosima Grand, Johanna Hilari, Alexandra Hennig and Filippo Armati

Marc Oosterhoff (concept, choreography, dance)
Owen Winship (co-choreography, dance)
Bertrand Lesca (outside eye)
Locations: Théâtre Sévelin 36 / Annexe 36 Lausanne, Lo Studio, Südpol Luzern

Supported by: the Federal Office of Culture / Dance as Cultural Heritage, the Ernst Göhner, Corymbo, Alexis Victor Thalberg and Sophie and Karl Binding Foundations. The translation is financed by: Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council and the Oertli Foundation

Partners: Reso – Dance Network Switzerland, SAPA Foundation – Swiss Archive of the Performing Arts

© echolot films / mdw Kulturproduktionen / Cie Moost 2021

pictures: rehearsal at Annexe 36 Lausanne © Michelle Ettlin

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