A performance de Marc Oosterhoff et Cédric Gagneur (2017)

Pallet(s) is a performance for 2 dancers, 20 pallets and 1 bottle of water. Through physical constraints,  balancing games, construction and manipulation, the performers create a relationship of complicity that evolves throughout the piece. A subtle blend of functional exploration of movement, danger, sensitivity and humour.



picture by: Julien Mudry (outside), Grégory Batardon (inside)

“Companies like Ikea have literally designed products around pallets: his “Bang” cup has had three redesigns, each not for aesthetics, but to ensure that more cups would fit on a pallet. After the changes, it was possible to load 2,204 cups on a pallet, instead of the original 864, resulting in a 60% reduction in transportation costs. »
Tom Vanderbilt – The most important thing in the world economy


Marc Oosterhoff and Cédric Gagneur

Grégory Batardon

Written and performed by
Marc Oosterhoff – Cie Moost
Cédric Gagneur – Cie Synergie



Valérie Niederoest


Tour Manager

Isabelle Campiche