Promises of Uncertainty


A naive explorer drifting in a world ruled by strange laws, he is searching for balance: is he a prey to doom or the author of his own fate? A mix of innocent games and trials by fire.Who knows what the threads of his destiny have woven for him…

In a monochrome universe accompanied by the live cosmic sounds of Raphael Raccuia, Marc Oosterhoff offers a highly tense performance.With a burlesque touch, reminding us of Buster Keaton, he desperately struggles with boredom. A performance between dance, theater, and circus, that grasps the promises of an uncertainty too precious to be left to chance.

60 minutes, without words


“I have always been interested in the relationship between the audience, its expectations and the actions that take place on stage. My research is based on devices that can combine these elements in a frontal way by creating a constant tension between them.

I’m not looking for the observer’s rest. I try to make him experience the uncertainty of the outcome of my promises. As long as they are unresolved, the audience is free to imagine all the possibilities.

Promises of Uncertainty bet that the tension preceding the action is more interesting than the action itself because it contains all its potentialities.”

Marc Oosterhoff

@Julien Mudry

Choreography, directing, interpretation
Marc Oosterhoff

Raphael Raccuia

Lighting design
Joana Oliveira

Lighting technician
Leo Garcia / Filipe Pascoal

Dramaturgy and external views
Pauline Castelli

External views on tour
Latifeh Hadji

External views magic
Tom Cassani

Set design
Léo Piccirelli

Mariana Nunes

Maryke Oosterhoff



L’Echandole, L’Abri, Le Castrum, CIE MOOST


L’Abri Théâtre Sévelin 36 Studios de l’ADC, Maison du Grütli Salle Caecilia, Comédie de Genève


Etat de Vaud fond pluridisciplinaire, Pro Helvetia – Fondation suisse pour la culture, Fondation suisses des artistes interprètes SIS